"A garden is a love song,
a duet between a human being and Mother Nature."
(Jeff Cox)

The garden

Our garden extends on 3500 sqm, on different levels.

Basicly it is an historical olivegrove with trees that have a hundred of years.

The olivegrove is still productive and calls the autumn month to assist in the olive harvest.

Our oil is 100% biological, and has the caracteristic green/gold colour. The Taste is tender and a little spicy.

In part of the olivetrees we also have figues, apricots, kakis and grapes. 

Our guests are invited to serve themselves as they like.

A huge flowerbed of hydrangeas is growing along the pool.

Lavender and rosemary enchant with their colour and perfume.

A Little garden of spices offers rosemary, basil, sage and parsley for a good dish of Spaghetti or the barbecue.

The barbecue is situated in the shadow of a pergola with wild wine, and at disposal for all guests. Some friendship started right here...

In the court of the Chiostrino are growing the huge bougainville, which enchant with their fantastic colour from june until october.

Two old pomegranates find support on the limiting walls of the court.

Lemontrees enjoy the warmth in their huge terracotta pots.

Shallows, robins, butterflies and bees are permanent guests in our garden.

Sometimes a hedgehog passes by,and the geckos and lizards enjoy a sunbath on the historic natural stonewalls.

The soul of Chiostrino...
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